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(no subject)

July 2nd, 2006 (11:49 pm)

i feel..: good

wow it's been a while.. i guess i've just been working too much right now and haven't had time for anything else but i get the next 3 days off and i will post something

i'm home :]

December 22nd, 2005 (12:14 pm)

i feel..: loved
obsession: my tv

well, i just spent a week in san diego with my boyfriend dave :].. it was fun, i hungout with him & his family lol.. i met everyone :X i guess when you're the first newphew/grandchild.. it's a big thing..oh i am so tired lol dave's sister and i did alot of xmas baking we made gingerbread cookies & sugar cookies and a gingerbread house :X eh i miss him but i know i'll see him again i mean we are doing great and his family seems to really like me.. i know i fucked up real bad and left him but after spending a week with him..i think we are gonna last and trust me it's not like my past relationships cause we see eachother alot and he isn't a bad guy at all :].. i'm tired so i think i'll update more later

the things that are keeping you here will keep me away

October 24th, 2005 (07:54 am)

i feel..: tired
obsession: dashboard confessionals - drowning

how can people be so horrible to you if you don't want to stay with someone that you're not happy with? i do love dave but it hasen't been the same for a long time and i needed to move on, i can't be with someone who I feel that brings me down.. i know alot of people are going to say i'm a whore, slut.. etc but if i'm not happy i'm not going to stay.. you know i didn't want things to be like this but what can i do?.. yes i did leave him & yes, i am talking to someone else who is the complete opposite of me and we mesh well because of it.. i am sorry for hurting him but staying with someone you're not happy with is worse then anything.. it makes me grow to hate that person and that is the last thing.. i ever wanted to do

(no subject)

October 9th, 2005 (04:38 pm)

i feel..: nerdy
obsession: killswitch engage - my last serenade

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Voice Post:

October 6th, 2005 (04:20 am)

448K 2:20
“conn and bong pbing on my phonepost :[!”

Transcribed by: moaning

will you be my valentine if i'm a world away

September 21st, 2005 (05:16 am)

i feel..: sad
obsession: The Get Up Kids - Valentine

i know.. i shouldn't say this because i have a boyfriend and all but i miss her alot, it's not that she isn't in my life but she is doing her own thing and i'm proud of her and will talk to her soon but it's sad when the only girl you've ever loved is not around and i know my boyfriend understands how i feel about her

my emo entry for the month heh i can't sleep anyways i have class in a few hrs

tiff has no life and made me into a pokemon

September 18th, 2005 (04:50 pm)

i feel..: amused
obsession: mark and kev talking

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

oh, i swear it was the hackers on the computer!!!- Lethal lol :X!

August 26th, 2005 (03:05 pm)

i feel..: amused
obsession: the donnas - dancing with myself(billy idol)

break down.. when someone ask you to tell them if you find out there significant other is cheating.. you respect it right? well i did and i showed proof cause i dont want my friend hurt and he hears the truth for himself but yet i made this up to break them up? ROFL nice story to makeup when you get caught by your bfs exgf= (kinda sad, that she thinks.. i want him back when i have someone i see whenever i want)

oh give me a fucking breakCollapse )


August 16th, 2005 (07:44 am)

i feel..: cranky
obsession: Dry Kill Logic - Goodnight

i really need to update this.. where to begin, hrm.. oh, i  know i'm really starting to dispise coming online, honestly there is nothing to do anymore everyone i know have turned on me or are complete morons with a few of exceptions and i'm ready to do more with my life. I am starting college again, i have 2 more years until i'm finish with it and i just want to move on to something more better the only reason i ever get on anymore is to talk to my boyfriend when he isn't here or not on the phone with me.. speaking of boyfriend, well we've been having some problems nothing to big but i've just been in a bad mood for a while now and i have been taking it out on him and i don't know why but i have talked to him about it.. i guess i'm just changing and now, i have to cope with not having the only things.. i love more then anything or anyone else in the world living in another house almost an hour away :\.. and yes i am talking about my 3 little sisters Alyssa, Nicole & Aryanne, they live with there father now and now i'm here by myself i'm going to be going out to see them alot and be there for them as much as i can & including my boyfriend in that, he knows how much it means to me and it's good.. i'm also moving into my house and kicking my stepmonster out and that should be soon.. my bestfriend is probably moving in and maybe my bf.. we have to see if we can live together without killing eachother.. well i've been online for about 30 mins and i'm sick of it so i'm going to go do something constructive.. i'll try to update more later

some cunt posing as me=

July 31st, 2005 (04:23 am)

i feel..: amused
obsession: Incubus - Nice To Know You

this bitch is posing as me

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